TS intelligent ERP System provides both professional B2C and B2B value-added service.

We are dedicated to improvement and providing innovative solutions.

Founded in 2010 by two young and passionate entrepreneurs, Thousandshores Inc., formerly known as Hisgadget Inc., set out to provide innovative, high quality consumer electronics to enrich and improve everyday life. Today, Thousandshores has rapidly expanded into a full-fledged global company and made its mark in the United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom.

Our staff is young, passionate about tech, and truly dedicated to improvement and providing innovative solutions. We design and manufacture our electronics based on our consumers needs and pair it with excellent customer service.

Our passion and commitment towards our products has been proven by the numerous praises we have received from countless tech bloggers and reviewers online. Many of our products are voted as #1 Best Sellers on Amazon.



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Many of Our products are voted as #1 Best Sellers on Amazon.

U.S. warehouse of Thousandshores is located in Newark California with a space of 45,000 square feet. Its daily order handling capacity is above 10,000 orders. The warehouse can provide the professional transportation service from overseas to U.S., the local storage service as well as the delivery service to the end customers. Equipped with the advanced order management system (OMS), warehouse management system (WMS), transportation management system (TMS) and the professional logistics operational team, the warehouse is an expert in cross-border e-commerce storage business and the related services. It focuses on the utilization of hardware and software technology, keeps innovating in the product and service, improving the operational process, decreasing the logistics costs. The warehouse has been trusted and recommended by various customers due to its expertise in logistics solutions and services, realizing the prompt response to the order fulfillment and the quick delivery to the destinations.